How to gain confidence and self-esteem after a toxic relationship

Quitting a toxic relationship is a big step that most women and men fail to achieve. A toxic relationship can be in a marriage or a boy/girlfriend. Whether you have gone through emotional torture or physical violence, moving away from that person is a bold wise decision. However, people who have experienced gender-based violence findContinue reading “How to gain confidence and self-esteem after a toxic relationship”

How to strengthen your family bond.

Family is the most valuable unit in the community. It plays a big role in reproduction, development, child upbringing and behaviour change. Children who grow up in strong families are well behaved and happy. There are different types of families, for example, nuclear family, extended family and foster family. Whatsoever family you belong to, eachContinue reading “How to strengthen your family bond.”

A kind woman

A woman planted a mango seed in front of her house. She then gathered sticks and surrounded it to protect it from animals. Every morning, she would water it with excitement to see it grow out of the soil. One day the seed grew and she was so happy. However, this was not the endContinue reading “A kind woman”

Why do women gain weight after giving birth?

I weighed around 58 to 60k.g before and during pregnancy despite eating everything. I used to eat bread, chapatti, ice cream, milk tea, and rice. As much as I ate all these foods, I did not exercise a lot apart from rope skipping, volleyball which I did for fun, and taking a walk during pregnancy.Continue reading “Why do women gain weight after giving birth?”