How to cope with talkative children.

Dealing with talkative Children is challenging. They require more attention and are more inquisitive. Mothers in Uganda love quiet children because they think they are disciplined. It is a misconception, but in reality, being talkative doesn’t define a child’s discipline. Every child’s personality has advantages and disadvantages. The pros of talkative children. They are fearlessContinue reading “How to cope with talkative children.”

Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children

Bad parenting is a sequence of actions that affect proper child growth. People become bad parents because of cultural beliefs, unwanted children, careers and frustrations. Parenting is a process that requires you to give protection, care and love to enable children to help develop into vigorous adults.  These are some of the actions that willContinue reading “Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children”

The power of listening to children!

An unknown philosophy riddle asks if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Does it? Of course, it does, but it takes an ear to listen to the sound. Therefore, for children to listen, it requires us to listen to.  A mumContinue reading “The power of listening to children!”

You blink and they are 8, then turn around they are 26. Before you know it they are parents. So take it easy, mama. Let them stand on the balcony or veranda and sing to the top of their voices. Read them their favourite stories, sing them their best songs. Let them run up and down because that is the only time they have to be kids. Hug them whenever they want to. You may be losing your mind now, but believe me, you are raising the best version of yourself.

Secrets of putting a kid to sleep.

Children’s sleeping duration varies with age. Babies sleep longer hours as compared to toddlers. The more the child grows, the fewer sleeping hours. Babies sleep 7 to 8 hours during the daytime and 8 hours at night as long as they eat to their satisfaction. Toddlers sleep two hours during day time and eight hoursContinue reading “Secrets of putting a kid to sleep.”

Table manners every child should learn

Not everyone will understand that it’s just a child, and will learn table manners with time. Parents are often judged by other parents for something we call small. I have seen some parents pinch children to stop them from acting peculiar before food, but guess what? Nothing changed apart from shame and hurting a child.Continue reading “Table manners every child should learn”