My husband ate our children’s food.

I have never thought of sending my children to bed on a hungry stomach. However, the current situation has pushed me to the edge that I cannot survive dropping off the cliff. It is not funny when my children go to bed asking me for more food because they can not eat enough. I knowContinue reading “My husband ate our children’s food.”

Is it an invasion of privacy to go through your child’s phone and social media to make sure they are not saying anything or doing anything inappropriate?

Guide your child on who should be your social media friends. Children should only add people they have met in real life to avoid scams, sexual harassment and child trafficking. I spoke to some teenage girls in Uganda using social media, and they reported that some Indian facebook friends offer money and ask them to take and send nude pictures.

Avoid malnutrition by feeding your children on these healthy and nutritious african foods

Getting children to eat nutritious foods is difficult because they prefer fast foods to home-cooked foods. It is a good habit to teach children to eat healthy foods to stay healthy, and strong. It also helps to establish healthy eating habits in the children. 

I do not carry children,  even my children and grandchildren.

It sounds unmotherly to people when I say I do not carry children. I don’t like children rolling all over me all the time, and that is who I am. I  raised three children, two girls and one boy, but I did not carry them that much. I  changed napkins, washed clothes and did otherContinue reading “I do not carry children,  even my children and grandchildren.”

She quit her job to stay home to take care of her children and teach them good morals.

A 38-year-old mother quit her job to sit at home and take good care of her children.She never thought of giving up her job to become a stay at home mum, but the love for her children taught her to make life adjustments.She was an accountant by profession with a job in a bank. LikeContinue reading “She quit her job to stay home to take care of her children and teach them good morals.”

How to improve children’s academic performance after years of school closure.

Schools in Uganda closed for two years to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Students, teachers and parents adopted the new way of learning online. Some children benefited from online learning, and others did not. According to research, parents reported that young children in kindergarten did not benefit from online learning. Children in the lower primaryContinue reading “How to improve children’s academic performance after years of school closure.”

 Stop beating yourself and start building yourself.

When we let past mistakes take control of our lives, we can never know what the future has for us. The ugly past ceases our thoughts, dreams leaving no open doors for progress and happiness. Let go of your past and start a new life with beautiful memories is the easiest thing to say butContinue reading ” Stop beating yourself and start building yourself.”

The importance of reading books to children.

I started reading books to my child when she was six months old. I would read to her a bedtime story and any other time during the day. I was criticized a lot by other mums who thought it was a waste of time and money. My child is now four years old and hasContinue reading “The importance of reading books to children.”

Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children

Bad parenting is a sequence of actions that affect proper child growth. People become bad parents because of cultural beliefs, unwanted children, careers and frustrations. Parenting is a process that requires you to give protection, care and love to enable children to help develop into vigorous adults.  These are some of the actions that willContinue reading “Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children”

How to teach children to say sorry

Sorry is a magic word just like Thank you and Excuse me. These words make us feel better and define our behaviour. Saying sorry is one way of apologizing to others and demonstrating how you value and care about other people’s feelings and emotions.  Teaching children to say sorry is very important. It helps yourContinue reading “How to teach children to say sorry”