Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children

Bad parenting is a sequence of actions that affect proper child growth. People become bad parents because of cultural beliefs, unwanted children, careers and frustrations. Parenting is a process that requires you to give protection, care and love to enable children to help develop into vigorous adults.  These are some of the actions that willContinue reading “Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children”

How to teach children to say sorry

Sorry is a magic word just like Thank you and Excuse me. These words make us feel better and define our behaviour. Saying sorry is one way of apologizing to others and demonstrating how you value and care about other people’s feelings and emotions.  Teaching children to say sorry is very important. It helps yourContinue reading “How to teach children to say sorry”

How to strengthen your family bond.

Family is the most valuable unit in the community. It plays a big role in reproduction, development, child upbringing and behaviour change. Children who grow up in strong families are well behaved and happy. There are different types of families, for example, nuclear family, extended family and foster family. Whatsoever family you belong to, eachContinue reading “How to strengthen your family bond.”

The power of listening to children!

An unknown philosophy riddle asks if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Does it? Of course, it does, but it takes an ear to listen to the sound. Therefore, for children to listen, it requires us to listen to.  A mumContinue reading “The power of listening to children!”

I am glad I never aborted my baby.

When you are young and in love, everything seems to be perfect with your partner. He shows that he loves you and there is a future between the two of you. However, the ball may turn around when there is a sign of a baby cry in the next few months. It sounds like aContinue reading “I am glad I never aborted my baby.”

Why children must learn money habits

Children usually spend money depending on what they see it do. If you go to the supermarket to purchase food and other necessities with your children, they learn that money for expenses. That is why when you offer your child money as a gift or out of excitement, the first thing they think about isContinue reading “Why children must learn money habits”

A kind woman

A woman planted a mango seed in front of her house. She then gathered sticks and surrounded it to protect it from animals. Every morning, she would water it with excitement to see it grow out of the soil. One day the seed grew and she was so happy. However, this was not the endContinue reading “A kind woman”

A girl commits suicide after her parents blamed her for performing poorly in the primary leaving examination. It is a lesson to parents.

 A teenage girl scored 25 aggregates in her primary leaving examinations in Uganda and was blamed by her parents for performing poorly in school. She reacted by committing suicide. She left a suicidal note saying that she was tired of being a laughing stock.  It is heartbreaking and painful to the parents, siblings and theContinue reading “A girl commits suicide after her parents blamed her for performing poorly in the primary leaving examination. It is a lesson to parents.”

You blink and they are 8, then turn around they are 26. Before you know it they are parents. So take it easy, mama. Let them stand on the balcony or veranda and sing to the top of their voices. Read them their favourite stories, sing them their best songs. Let them run up and down because that is the only time they have to be kids. Hug them whenever they want to. You may be losing your mind now, but believe me, you are raising the best version of yourself.

Why do women gain weight after giving birth?

I weighed around 58 to 60k.g before and during pregnancy despite eating everything. I used to eat bread, chapatti, ice cream, milk tea, and rice. As much as I ate all these foods, I did not exercise a lot apart from rope skipping, volleyball which I did for fun, and taking a walk during pregnancy.Continue reading “Why do women gain weight after giving birth?”