How to get your child to eat breakfast before school

Preparing children for school is exhausting. The most challenging part is getting children to eat breakfast on time. I have African mothers scream to their children to finish their food to keep time at school and their workplaces.  Some use all sorts of tactics, but they do not work. Children at times leave their foodContinue reading “How to get your child to eat breakfast before school”

How to cope with talkative children.

Dealing with talkative Children is challenging. They require more attention and are more inquisitive. Mothers in Uganda love quiet children because they think they are disciplined. It is a misconception, but in reality, being talkative doesn’t define a child’s discipline. Every child’s personality has advantages and disadvantages. The pros of talkative children. They are fearlessContinue reading “How to cope with talkative children.”

How to balance motherhood and career.

Motherhood is a joyful, challenging and rewarding journey that takes sacrifice, commitment and tenderness. Motherhood has caused mothers to sacrifice their careers and lifestyles to become good parents. Some women in music, sports, business and other industries are affected career-wise after giving birth. Meanwhile, others tend to care more about their career than children. DoContinue reading “How to balance motherhood and career.”

She quit her job to stay home to take care of her children and teach them good morals.

A 38-year-old mother quit her job to sit at home and take good care of her children.She never thought of giving up her job to become a stay at home mum, but the love for her children taught her to make life adjustments.She was an accountant by profession with a job in a bank. LikeContinue reading “She quit her job to stay home to take care of her children and teach them good morals.”

How to improve children’s academic performance after years of school closure.

Schools in Uganda closed for two years to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Students, teachers and parents adopted the new way of learning online. Some children benefited from online learning, and others did not. According to research, parents reported that young children in kindergarten did not benefit from online learning. Children in the lower primaryContinue reading “How to improve children’s academic performance after years of school closure.”

Stay at home rules for children.

I often leave my children at home by themselves when I am going to the market or work. At times they stay alone at home after school. Children staying home on their own is something most parents do but not for all children. It depends on the age group, how comfortable and brave they are.  Continue reading “Stay at home rules for children.”

How to work from home as you take care of children.

I understand it may sound strange to a few people in Uganda because working from home was not popular in the formal sector not until the outbreak of coronavirus. Most people mastered working at home is for the informal sector.  However, with technological advancement, there are several businesses and jobs that people do at home.Continue reading “How to work from home as you take care of children.”

 Stop beating yourself and start building yourself.

When we let past mistakes take control of our lives, we can never know what the future has for us. The ugly past ceases our thoughts, dreams leaving no open doors for progress and happiness. Let go of your past and start a new life with beautiful memories is the easiest thing to say butContinue reading ” Stop beating yourself and start building yourself.”

The importance of reading books to children.

I started reading books to my child when she was six months old. I would read to her a bedtime story and any other time during the day. I was criticized a lot by other mums who thought it was a waste of time and money. My child is now four years old and hasContinue reading “The importance of reading books to children.”

Parents in Uganda are blaming the government for the increasing number of teenage pregnancies.

Uganda has an escalating number of teenage pregnancies in all regions of the country. It is two years since the closure of schools in the country to reduce the spread of Covid 19. The covid 19 pandemic has also affected livelihoods, jobs, and businesses.  According to the minister of education, the increasing teenage pregnancy isContinue reading “Parents in Uganda are blaming the government for the increasing number of teenage pregnancies.”