How to gain confidence and self-esteem after a toxic relationship

Quitting a toxic relationship is a big step that most women and men fail to achieve. A toxic relationship can be in a marriage or a boy/girlfriend. Whether you have gone through emotional torture or physical violence, moving away from that person is a bold wise decision. However, people who have experienced gender-based violence find it difficult to bring themselves back. 

One woman shared in the community group for mums that she was charming, jolly and brave before marriage. She was confident enough to stand and speak her mind without fear. However, she had the worst marriage experience due to emotional and physical abuse. She even lost her job, and that affected her life. Later she decided to leave the relationship. As a single mum, she is alright and free from violence but misses the girl she was before marriage.

For women and men who lost their self-esteem due to emotional or physical abuse in relationships, here are some of the tips to gain self-esteem. 

Heal from the bad experience.

The road to healing is a long journey that takes time. To heal, you need to accept what happened and what is happening in your life. Feel your emotions during the healing process. Cry if you feel like crying, as it will help you not to feel the pain and trauma anymore.

Seek help and support.

Grow a trustworthy support system with people to talk to whenever you feel low. Your support group can include family members, close friends and other people who have gone through the same problem. Seek professional help from a counsellor. Attend women’s forums and groups and try to express yourself, and let your ideas and opinions be heard

Do what makes you happy.

We all had something that we loved doing before marriage/ meeting our EX lovers. What are your hobbies, and what makes you happy? Do you love sports, swimming, and concerts? The time is now to go for it and Love yourself.

Return your values.

 Most toxic relationships make you compromise your standards and values. If there is something important that you quit for the sake of the relationship, it is time to retrieve and even upgrade to better. Some people quit jobs because their partners wanted them to work. If you are that type, go and find a job. 

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