How to groom a boy child.

Raising a boy child has not been emphasised of late. Parents put much effort and restrictions on girls more than on boys. They fear girls getting pregnant and dropping out of school more than boys impregnating girls. Many men today still act and behave like boys. No wonder men are creating single mothers and neglecting their roles and responsibilities as fathers. It is because of poor grooming of a boy child. 

We share ways to groom your boy child.

Build confidence:

There are various ways of teaching confidence to boys but the most significant starts with you. You cannot teach a boy child confidence when you are not. Therefore start practising self-confidence though it will not come overnight. Involve them in theatre activities and decision-making for the family and themselves. More still, communicate more often and show love to them. People who feel loved are more confident than those who feel neglected.

Minimise computer games and television

Encourage a boy child to interact with peers both indoors and outdoors to develop good interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Excessive use of video games makes children lazy and uncreative. Video games are also addictive and may cause psychological harm to your child.

Teach boys to respect women.

Boys raised in the 1990s and 1980s in the African community grew up with the perception that house chores are for girls, and girls are weak and not good at mathematics. Things are changing. It is up to every parent to teach gender equality and the need to respect women. Start by Helping your son to maintain a healthy relationship with girls( it should be about sex). Emphasise boys respecting girls’ decisions( if she says No, it’s okay) and showing kindness to girls.

Be a role model

Fathers, you are the best versions for your sons. Be present in your life and teach them how to be a good man. It does not matter whether you are married, divorced or separated. Single mothers involve male figures in the lives of their children. It can be your brother, father, uncle or priest. Boys love to hear and talk to fellow males.

Give tasks to your sons.

Groom a responsible boy. Responsibility starts with simple tasks at home like; babysitting his siblings, which is not a task for girls only but boys too. Assign him to do house chores like washing dishes, cooking and cleaning the compound. Most parents think hiring a housekeeper is everything their children need. No, as much as you have a maid involve your son in domestic work. 

Let him show his emotions

Gone are the days when parents used to say boys do not cry. Boys are human beings and need to let their emotions come out. It is okay for your boy to cry when he is sad, laugh and show compassion to others. According to Criss Jami, Crying helps you release the suppressed emotions that you’ve been dealing with unconsciously. The emotions your child never shows may be affecting his daily life more than you think

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