A man files for divorce after stepchildren bully his daughter- and he is cheered up.

Finding love after divorce or separation is daunting. Some people decide to stay single for the good of their children, while others get lucky to fall in love again. However, finding love that leads to marriage is one thing and staying in the marriage until death part you is another.

 A man on Reddit filed for divorce after his stepkids bulled his daughter. He was married for two years to his wife of two daughters 11 years and 13 years old. His daughter is 12 years old. Initially, he had issues with the ex-husband, but they talked and were good. When he married, the stepchildren were nice to his daughter, but their behaviour changed a month ago.

‘‘The girls’ dad hates my daughter, and they (the girls) will spew that hate in our home and will use it to bully my daughter. A grown-ass man called my 10-year-old a fat repulsive pig, a w*ore and the reason abortion was invented (to list only a few). The girls have called her dumb and mocked her for being shy and introverted. I made it clear that we could not continue if we were to stay married and my wife was determined she would get them to stop. I got my daughter therapy and I did as much as I could to keep them separate. But even at night, they started to taunt her. So I decided to move out with my daughter and I told my wife our marriage could not continue. She begged me to stay. She said she loves us and her girls need me. I said my daughter comes first.’’ He wrote.

 His in-laws think the stepdaughters need him and need to see a healthy good father figure, and leaving will destroy them. However, the man says the stepdaughters are not a priority, but his daughter is. 

People cheered him up on Reddit for making such a bold decision for his daughter. Some of the comments read.

  • He should tell his in-laws that a good father prioritises his kids, and he is showing it by example to his stepkids.
  • Don’t even think it’s about not turning on anyone else. Most kids have trauma and guilt from blaming themselves for their parent’s divorce. For these two, it’s true. They are going to be watching their mom go through excruciating pain and may just be realising the gravity of their actions. Grandpa/ma are seeing this and trying to convince OP to come back so their granddaughters don’t have to face the emotional fallout and consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, other people advised that the wife should keep the EX husband away from her marriage, and everything will fall in place. Maybe the Ex husband is influencing his kids negatively.

 What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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