My husband ate our children’s food.

I have never thought of sending my children to bed on a hungry stomach. However, the current situation has pushed me to the edge that I cannot survive dropping off the cliff.

It is not funny when my children go to bed asking me for more food because they can not eat enough. I know the little one could not ask for more food because it is now not allowed in my home. She instead said, mama, Can I have more soup, please? As she looked at the source pan with food.

My children were not eating enough at school and at home, and it killed me. My heart was breaking apart as I said No to her. The remaining food we had was for the next day. All my children thanked me for cooking.

My husband was with me when I sent our children to bed. He supported me in this decision. When everyone was sleeping in the middle of the night, I heard the sound of utensils. I wake up thinking my children were stealing food since they went to bed unsatisfied. I was surprised and embarrassed to find my husband eating food we had saved for the next day.

Climate change has affected food production in Uganda. Over 91000 children are suffering from acute malnutrition in the Northern part of Uganda. Long drought, locusts, armyworms and cattle raiding are reasons the region is highly affected by hunger.

According to the humanitarian agencies’ assessment, about 91,600 children and 9,500 pregnant or breastfeeding women suffer from acute malnutrition and need treatment. Children are treated in nearby hospitals while others have lost their lives.

The food crisis is not only in the northern part of the country but also among the urban poor. Families living in slums find it difficult to feed children more than one meal a day. The increase in fuel prices gives traders no option but to increase commodities for a profit. Parents starve to save food for their children.

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