I do not carry children,  even my children and grandchildren.

It sounds unmotherly to people when I say I do not carry children. I don’t like children rolling all over me all the time, and that is who I am. I  raised three children, two girls and one boy, but I did not carry them that much.

I  changed napkins, washed clothes and did other domestic work at home without my children disturbing me.  I managed to do all these things on time by letting my babies by themselves. They rested on the chair and sat on the mat while I was working.

When you hold a baby, he gets used to that. A mother can not do something else besides taking care of a baby.  AS a married woman, I am not sure how I would explain to my husband if he found a dirty house. I was always neat despite taking care of children without help. I had clean dishes, a clean house and a quiet baby. If I had failed to accomplish my tasks, I would be called a lazy woman.

I prefer children to go out of the house to play with other children. I would only carry my children when they were sick, breastfeeding, or picking them up from the floor. It was, and it is rare to see me holding a child. I carried other mum’s children out joy and excitement, but it didn’t take long.

I recently went to the market with my grandchild, and she got tired on our way back. Then,  I asked her to jump on my back.  She did happily.
 I then asked myself when I last carried her and whether I would carry her again. I guess it was her lucky day.

 Grandmothers usually carry their grandchildren. In villages, they carry hoes and grandchildren as well. I am not that type. My children would run to sit on my laps during my free time, but I would push them away. I always told them to sit beside me but not on me.
I raise my grandchildren the same way I raised my children. I hate seeing spoilt children.

Do not get me wrong, I love children and show love to my children and grandchildren.  I buy snacks, cook food and let them play to their best.  I call my grandchildren and other kid) petty names to make them feel good about themselves.
The only problem I have is carrying them.
I do not know why?  I think it is my nature.
God created me that way.

Published by Motherly heart

My name is Mary Ajambo, and I am a blogger at motherly heart. I am a mother. I love writing. I am here to make parenting an Interesting adventure for both mums and dads.

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