How to get your child to eat breakfast before school

Preparing children for school is exhausting. The most challenging part is getting children to eat breakfast on time. I have African mothers scream to their children to finish their food to keep time at school and their workplaces.  Some use all sorts of tactics, but they do not work. Children at times leave their food on the table to catch up with the school van/bus. Breakfast gives children energy for the day, and that is why it is not okay to skip it.

Are you one of the million parents struggling to get children to eat breakfast before school?
Well, I share tips on how to get your child to eat breakfast before school.

Prepare their favourite meal: Children love eating their favourite snacks and food. Identify what your child likes eating most and serve it for breakfast.

Make sure children sleep early. Kids sleep late and wake up late. If a child wakes up in the last minutes of departure, they will be stressed to eat breakfast. Just like adults get stressed while doing things in a rush, so do children.  Always make sure children sleep early and wake up early. Serve them with breakfast and let them eat at their pace.

Eliminate distractions;  When you serve food for a child, take away all electronics such as phones and switch off the Television.

Eat Together; In most cases, children eat alone breakfast. Children enjoy the company and feel encouraged when eating along with other people. It doesn’t require you to have a big family, but you can grab a cup of coffee to encourage your child.

Make sure your child visits a washroom; When parents are rushing in the morning, they forget children need to empty the bowl. They focus on brushing teeth, food and running to school. Children need to take the morning procedures like bathing, brushing teeth, peeing and poohing before breakfast. This will help a child to eat without any discomfort.

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