How to cope with talkative children.

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Dealing with talkative Children is challenging. They require more attention and are more inquisitive. Mothers in Uganda love quiet children because they think they are disciplined. It is a misconception, but in reality, being talkative doesn’t define a child’s discipline. Every child’s personality has advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of talkative children.

They are fearless and can easily communicate: Talkative children are bold and say what is on their minds.

They make friends quickly.

They amazingly move people’s hearts: If you sit next to a talkative child, you can never be bored. They draw and show, sing, and tell stories out of anything.

The cons of a talkative child

Talkative children lose focus on things they do. Their concentration is minimal as compared to quiet children.

Talkative children are curious and ask many questions. You may ask them to move a chair, and they ask you why?  At times, they ask very uncomfortable questions.

They rarely go quiet, even in public places,  because they don’t fear saying what is on their mind.

They require attention. If you have a talkative child at home,  you may not listen to other children besides her.

How to deal with a talkative child

Keep children busy with creative activities. I met a four-year-old child who would only keep quiet when it was time for cartoons. Think of activities and toys that will keep these children occupied. Blocks are good games too for children to express themselves and become creative.

Play games. Play games that require both of you to keep quiet.  A silent game will teach your child not to talk about everything but think about it and say it later. It will also help a child to concentrate. Hide and seek is the best game it sounds old, but it works.

Do not stop children from talking or comparing them to others.  It will make the children feel bad about themselves. It also reduces their self-esteem.

Help the talkative to interact with other children. Talkative children are social and love making new friends. Allow them to interact with other children, express themselves and make new friends.

Are you parenting a talkative child? Share with a comment how you are coping with them. 

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