She quit her job to stay home to take care of her children and teach them good morals.

A 38-year-old mother quit her job to sit at home and take good care of her children.
She never thought of giving up her job to become a stay at home mum, but the love for her children taught her to make life adjustments.
She was an accountant by profession with a job in a bank. Like any other working mum, she left her two kids with maids at three months and returned to work after giving birth.
 Most educated career women chasing their dreams leave their babies back home.

Her life was good until she noticed indecent behaviours in her children.
She spent less time with her children because of the tight schedule at work. I was not balancing motherhood with my career well. I gave more time and attention to my bank job than my children. Our son was aggressive, violent, very wild and could speak any word and anything she narrated.

However, I spent most weekends with the children, and their father, playing football together, swimming, going out for dinner to strengthen our family bond. That was also my chance to ask my children about their caretaker and how they feel about her.

One day, she was sitting in the living room when their son argued with a neighbour’s child. That little boy shamelessly called his friend a dog’s testicle, and when she asked him about it,  He said, ”that is what auntie calls me.”

I did not doubt it because my children’s behaviours worried me every day. Good enough my husband heard them too, she said.
 That moment broke her heart,  and she cried and blamed herself for being a bad mother.  
What is the purpose of a career when I am not performing my duties as a mother? She asked herself.

My husband proposed I  quit my job to take care of the children. I loved my career, but the love for my children made me accept his proposal. I put aside my job to teach my children morals and show them the right path.
The husband paid 80% of house needs because he had a good job. He also promised to give her a monthly salary that is half of her bank job and a housekeeper to help clean the house.

 I now spend more quality time with my children than before.  I learned what it means to stay with your baby when I gave birth to baby number three. For the first time, my child breastfed exclusively as compared to the first two children.
 I know my children’s personalities, likes and we bond more.

When her last born started school, her husband helped her open a business. My business is doing great. I drop and pick up children from school, do homework together and monitor them closely like a mother. I don’t regret quitting the job because I would not own my own business.
It gave me another opportunity to excel in life.

According to her observation and experience, stay at home mums raise morally upright children compared to those with a maid’s hand. She wished all parents were able, at least one of them would stay at home to raise children until they go to school. Life does not give us that opportunity because we all have to make ends meet. She argues working mums, try balancing jobs and motherhood by listening and monitoring their children.
”I am a happy mummy because I give my children what they deserve!”

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