Stay at home rules for children.

I often leave my children at home by themselves when I am going to the market or work. At times they stay alone at home after school. Children staying home on their own is something most parents do but not for all children. It depends on the age group, how comfortable and brave they are.  

Age 10 and above is the right age to start to leave children at home by themselves but not the whole day.  

It is good to set rules for children regardless of their age before leaving them alone at home. Have a look at some of these stay at home rules for children.

Do not open the door for strangers or anyone: The most important thing is the safety and security of your children. Children must not open the house or compound gate for people they do not know like hawkers, and anybody making any delivery. 

Choose a leader amongst your children: When you have more than one child at home, it is good to put one of them in charge. Allocate roles and responsibilities among them for the leader to enforce. Regardless of their age, always choose the leader.

Check on the children: Always call them and find out how they are doing. You can call on personal calls or home telephone after two to three hours. Always credit your children’s cell phones with enough airtime to communicate back in case of an emergency. 

Practice first aid. It is wise for the children to know first aid. In case of medical assistance, the children can help each other as they call the professional medical personals.

Always Keep children busy: Give children a variety of activities to keep them occupied to avoid loneliness and unnecessary disturbances. Play toys, games, paintings, drawings are the few activities that children can do by themselves. I do not recommend the internet without regulation for young children because of inappropriate content online. Cartoons on television are good and always put the T.V under parental control. 

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