The importance of reading books to children.

I started reading books to my child when she was six months old. I would read to her a bedtime story and any other time during the day. I was criticized a lot by other mums who thought it was a waste of time and money. My child is now four years old and has a lot of interest in reading books. Some parents in Africa still think that reading a child a book is a teacher’s responsibility, it’s something for the rich and white people. That is very wrong. Regardless of where you are, reading to your children should be part of your daily routine.

These are some of the reasons you should read books to children.

  • Books are educative. Through reading, children learn about personal hygiene, environment, history, life stories and many others. These all depend on the type of books that you choose to read to your child. Other books include comic books.
  • Develops the child’s intellectual capacity. Children who are read too are most likely to be intelligent because they have a variety of topics to explore. Books have a lot of information that teaches children beyond their daily environment. 
  • Strengthen family bond: Reading books to your children helps to bring children closer to the parents. The more you read, the more you learn and discover your children’s choices and personalities. 
  • Children develop a reading culture: when you read to your children, they grow up knowing the importance of reading. They become curious and good readers. Children in Uganda read for school exams and school work because they think that is worth reading. Early reading will help your child to develop a reading culture and read for leisure and out of curiosity.
  • Improves your children’s vocabulary: Through reading, children learn new words that help to improve their language especially in English. Your children will be at an advantage because they will have both good spoken and grammar. This will help children to do well academically. 
  • Develops a child’s listening capacity: children develop good listening skills and proper interpretation of messages when they are read too. When reading to a child, try to ask questions related to what you read. That is how you will learn that, however young they are, they are worth reading too.

In conclusion, reading books to children is very important to a growing child. There is no specific age for reading books, all ages need to listen to a sound of a reader. You can also read to your unborn child. Start reading to your children at an early age so it can be part of their daily leisure activities. 

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