Signs of bad parenting and how they affect children

Bad parenting is a sequence of actions that affect proper child growth. People become bad parents because of cultural beliefs, unwanted children, careers and frustrations. Parenting is a process that requires you to give protection, care and love to enable children to help develop into vigorous adults. 

These are some of the actions that will make you a bad parent.

Quarrelling and fighting in the presence of your children: Disagreeing and fighting before children is not a healthy way of parenting. Do not let your children learn about your misunderstanding and confrontations.

No negotiations with your child: Give your children a choice rather than commanding them to do things according to your expectations. We often hear parents saying because I said so.

Harsh punishments; Giving children cruel punishments is poor parenting however, not every mistake has to be punished. Sometimes, you have to talk to your child. 

Discouragement:  Simply because you think your child cannot succeed in some activities does not mean she cannot. Let your child spread her wings and be courageous to her. When your child wants to participate in singing at school, don’t say you don’t have talent. So quit as soon as you can.

Yelling to your children:  Use a positive, gentle and calming voice when speaking to children more especially toddlers. 

  Unhealthy lifestyle: Lifestyles like getting drunk before children, smoking weed in the same house with children are very unfavourable for proper child upbringing.

  Not giving your child time: playing with your child is the best gift your child will ever have because you will be together. It is not alright to keep a busy schedule on your child.


Too much pampering: It is not good to give children whatsoever they want at any time. Kids who are pampered grow up into spoilt brats.

 Not setting rules:  A good parent should sets rules at home to help shape children’s behaviour. If you do not set rules in your house, your children will find it hard to cope with other people in the real world.  

 Ignoring children’s achievements: Acknowledge children’s hard work even when they are small because they mean a lot to them.

  Not involving children in some activities.  Involve your children in activities that matter for example tree planting, house chores, and thanksgiving. Do not raise children knowing some tasks are for grow -up’s only, they will grow up into irresponsible adults.

Effects on the child

Poor social behaviour: Bad parenting increases the number of juvenile delinquents, drug abuse, and teenage pregnancy. Research shows that People who lack attention and love in their childhood commit crimes to attract attention and glory from other people in society when they are adults. Bad behaviour in preschoolers children is a result of bad parenting for instance children from violent homes are most likely to be violent to other children.

Depression: Depression in children is due to prolonged unhappiness and feeling unsafe. Proper parenting plays a big role in giving children the happiness, hope and love they deserve. Poor performance at school, isolation from other children, paying less attention and being too fearful are signs of a depressed child. 

Failure to long last relationships and friends: Children develop unacceptable behaviours due to the negligence of parents. These behaviours make it difficult for other people to associate with them hence the loss of friends. A harshly treated child may lose trust in other people making it difficult to trust anyone else.

How to be a good parent

  1. Listen to your child
  2. Set rules.
  3. Avoid domestic violence.
  4. Give your children time and attention.

 In the parenting process, you cannot do good all the time. Kids make parents lose their temper and yell at them. That one-time action does not make you a bad parent, but a series of these actions do.

 If you are that kind of parent who did not experience good parenting and your parents are not role models, the ball is under your hand. It is wise for you to treat your children right and be a role model. Not sure of how you can do it? Join self-help groups, ask questions and share how you feel with people close to you.

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