How to strengthen your family bond.

Family is the most valuable unit in the community. It plays a big role in reproduction, development, child upbringing and behaviour change. Children who grow up in strong families are well behaved and happy. There are different types of families, for example, nuclear family, extended family and foster family. Whatsoever family you belong to, each family needs to grow strong day by day.  

We have put together ways to strengthen family bonds. 

Support each other

For a family to grow strong, you have to support each other’s dreams and businesses. Support each other both in happiness and sorrow for example, when one family member is having a wedding. Turn up, make a contribution and attend the wedding as well. Lean on each other in times of need and sorrow.

Create family time

Creating time for your family is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children as a mother and father. Families that spend quality time together stick together. Whether you are a 24/7 worker in your company or a very busy CEO, always create time and spend it with your family. You can consider taking your family for a vacation, tour or organizing sporty activities. Bicycle riding is the easiest and cheapest activity for all families to spend quality time together.

Family meeting

The more families stay without talking to each other, the more problems escalate. This is more common with extended families, however, it’s wise for nuclear families to meet too. You can organize family meetings twice or three times a year. Talk about issues you are facing as a family and come up with possible solutions. I have seen some families choose their firstborn sons and daughters to be leaders of family meetings. It is a good idea because it develops children’s and teenagers leadership and organizing skills.

Do chores together

Cleaning the house together is not only romantic for couples, but it also sets a better example for children in the family. When children see both their parents working together, they work together too. Doing family chores helps to develop teamwork and strengthens family relationships.

Eat together

 In African tradition, it was taboo to eat food without the head of the family. Women would wait for their husbands before food was served, but today, things have changed. Few families practice this tradition. According to research, eating frequent family meals is associated with better psychosocial outcomes for children and adolescents. Families that eat together have few cases of eating disorders, alcoholism, good behaviour and suicidal thoughts. More still, sharing family meals will increase your children’s self-esteem, commitment to learning and keep them happier

Family fun day

Fun times bring out each one’s personality as compared to other days spent at home. You get to know each one’s inner character on such events. Volleyball, chess, puzzles, movies are some of the few activities you can do on a family fun day.  To make it more fun, invite other families to join your family. Mixing with another family will teach your children good interpersonal skills, communication skills and grow the family network.

Motherly heart word.

Always put your family first, and do everything

it takes to keep the bond strong.

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