A kind woman

A woman planted a mango seed in front of her house. She then gathered sticks and surrounded it to protect it from animals. Every morning, she would water it with excitement to see it grow out of the soil.

One day the seed grew and she was so happy. However, this was not the end of her job because the tree would dry out for the hot sunshine. She continued to water it in the morning and evening.

Years later, the mango tree bared mangoes. They were very sweet mangoes. This woman was kind enough to share her hard work with friends, children and people in the neighbourhood.

The story of a kind woman defines mothers. A mother falls in love with a child in the womb once she learns that she is pregnant. Kisses and talks to the baby in the womb every morning. Bears back pain, nausea, vomiting with no complaint, but with the endless joy to meet her baby.

Regardless of how the baby comes into the world, she enjoys every step and little thing that they do. The jiggles, smiles, first step of walking, little stories they tell, and first day at school.

A few years later, children become what they were groomed, encouraged and mentored to be. They become professionals say, Doctors, teachers, soldiers, writers and leaders. No matter what mothers go through to raise a child, they give them the freedom and independence to serve the community and the world. Mothers are the most generous people because they share with us their hard work and pride.

Published by Motherly heart

My name is Mary Ajambo, and I am a blogger at motherly heart. I am a mother. I love writing. I am here to make parenting an Interesting adventure for both mums and dads.

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