Why do women gain weight after giving birth?

I weighed around 58 to 60k.g before and during pregnancy despite eating everything. I used to eat bread, chapatti, ice cream, milk tea, and rice. As much as I ate all these foods, I did not exercise a lot apart from rope skipping, volleyball which I did for fun, and taking a walk during pregnancy. At the end of nine months, I weighed 65k.g and knew that I shall quickly get back to my weight, however that did not happen.

My weight increased from 65k.g to 75 k.g in the first month after giving birth. The more I continued breastfeeding and balancing motherhood, work, and life. The more weight gain until I hit 89k.g. That is overweight, huh!

People in our society assume that women gain weight after giving birth or in marriages because;

• They eat a lot and enjoy millet porridge.

• Too comfortable especially the home-staying mums.

• They are lazy. However, this is just a misconception. There are underlying reasons why women gain weight after giving birth and getting married.

Why do women gain weight after giving birth?

Lack of enough sleep.

It’s healthy to sleep for eight hours a day. Lack of sleep causes fat and relaxed muscles. Mothers with newborn babies rarely get enough sleep because of breastfeeding, taking care of the baby, changing diapers which require waking up in the night. The first three months are the hardest since babies cry a lot because of colic. As a mum, I recommend that you get help so you can sleep whenever the baby sleeps or whenever you feel like sleeping.

Change of responsibilities;

Being a mum is a full-time job for women mostly. Before giving birth, there is ample time to do whatever you like, like going to the gym, attending Zumba classes, and hanging out. In most cases, all these activities stop when motherhood kicks in. I gained weight after giving birth because I got lost in motherhood. Changing diapers, doing domestic work, keeping the family strong that you hit that weight un expectably. 

Use of contraceptives: 

 Child spacing is the reason why women use conceptive. However, some of the side effects of conceptive include weight gain. Most women gain weight after taking an implant to control childbirth. It is so hard to shade weight under this circumstance because some implants are hormonal.

Lastly is stress which causes high appetite in women.

The solution is helping! Mums need help from their spouses, friends, and people around. Giving a helping hand to a mum gives her ample time to take care of herself and be a happy parent.

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