Secrets of putting a kid to sleep.

Children’s sleeping duration varies with age. Babies sleep longer hours as compared to toddlers. The more the child grows, the fewer sleeping hours. Babies sleep 7 to 8 hours during the daytime and 8 hours at night as long as they eat to their satisfaction.

Toddlers sleep two hours during day time and eight hours at night. Nevertheless, it’s healthy for all children to sleep eight hours at night. Getting enough sleep keeps children happy, social and energetic for the rest of the day. 

Children enjoy pillow talks, tickles, pillow fights, watching their favorite T.V show and playing games on iPads, and phones time for sleeping. All these interests make bedtime tricky for parents. If you are one of the parents experiencing these challenges, we share secrets to put your kid to bed.

Set a routine: A sleeping schedule is one of the easiest ways to put kids to bed. Set time for sending children to bed at night and napping. When thinking of the sleeping schedule, make sure there is a difference of five hours between daytime sleep and night. It is vital to be consistent with the time you send the kids to bed and wise to make it a rule.

Read a bedtime story, or tell a story:  Bedtime stories make children fall asleep so quickly. My daughter has always fallen asleep before the end of the storybook. Bedtime stories do not only put your child to bed but also builds the child’s reading culture, knowledge, listening skills, and empathy. It may be difficult for some families in Uganda to get bedtime stories because of limited resources, but then you can tell a folk story. Stories like the hyena and hare, Kintu and Walube, the lazy monkey have been told before and still work for children to date. 

More still, sing a soft song. There are many bedtime songs in your local language sweet enough to put a child to bed. You do not need a Beyoncé’s voice to do this. 

Switch off all the electronics:  IPad, phones, and televisions are one of the things that distract children from sleeping. Make sure children switch off their devices and possibly take them away.

Engage children in physical activities: Children who play football, rope skipping, running, bike riding, and other physical activities fall asleep quickly. I do recommend evening physical activities because of the time difference hence making bedtime at night easy. Such Kids fall asleep immediately after their dinner or before dinner because they are always tired.

Cuddles: Cuddling with the child makes them feel comfortable and safe. Even if you cannot cuddle by yourself, you can use her doll or ted bear. Kids who cuddle their ted bear fall asleep so quickly.  

Body massage: Most people think body massage works for babies only. Body massage works for everybody. Massaging your kid after a warm bath relaxes the body, makes the body calm and reduces anxiety. Children massaged after bath takes 20 minutes to 30 minutes to fall asleep. I have personally experienced this and so other mums. 

Do you think there are other ways to put a kid to bed? If yes, share your secret in the comment below. 

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