Do parents have a favorite child?

 I am a mother of three, two sons, and one girl. They have different personalities. My firstborn is very well organized and responsible. He is like a second mum in my family while the brother is messy. He rarely gets a compliment, but surprises me with good grades at the end of the term. My girl child is very social and good at school. She reads every one’s mind and knows how to fix a broken smile in a minute. She makes me feel good at my worst, and we spend most of our time together.

This makes the boys feel jealous and unloved which is not the case. I take all my children to the same school, eat similar meals, and enjoy the same games at the playgrounds without gender discrimination. 

I give my children the same tasks and compliments where needed. They are all my favorites right from the one who draws the picture of me to the one who messes up my clean house. The fact that I spend more time with the girl because of her endless stories does not mean that I don’t love them equally. I love all my children, oh yes I do!

A father of two teenage daughters said that he prefers his second born to the firstborn. The second-born takes education very seriously while the other sister does not. She is fond of dodging school to hang out with friends and does not listen to him. He sees a better future in the second born and she is his hope.

This clearly shows that some parents have a favorite child in the family depending on personality and bonding. However, this kind of treatment affects children negatively both the favored and unfavorable.

  • Unfavored Children are most likely to develop low self-esteem
  • Feel lonely and out of place
  • Feel unloved and deserving.
  • It will affect sibling relationship
  • A preferred child may turn out to be a spoilt brat

Bottom line, when you are the type of parent that loves one child and puts aside another, then you are wrong. Family is the primary eliminate to give stability and pride to children regardless of their status. You have to accept that you have a problem and train your mind that all children are equal and deserve the same love.

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