Table manners every child should learn

Not everyone will understand that it’s just a child, and will learn table manners with time. Parents are often judged by other parents for something we call small. I have seen some parents pinch children to stop them from acting peculiar before food, but guess what? Nothing changed apart from shame and hurting a child.

 To save yourself from public embarrassments and multiple apologies to your friends at dinners, restaurants, and wedding ceremonies. Teach your child table manners as early as one year and keep reminding her/him as many times as you can! 

Note that Good manners including table manners are social skills that will help your child interact well with others, make friends now and in the future.

Outlined are the rules to observe while eating.

  1. Eat with your mouth closed.
  2. Do not eat so fast, but rather eat slowly and chew well for easy digestion.
  3. Do not talk while you are eating. Sounds old fashion but it still works today.
  4. Do not serve excess food that you cannot finish. This is so common with teenage children. Teach them to eat in small portions and not to feel shy to ask for more.
  5. Do not walk while eating. You should always sit down on a chair, mat, or on a clean floor.
  6. Do not pick your nose while you are eating
  7. Ask for food politely, for instance, mum, would you please add me more soup!
  8. Say Thank you for cooking after eating
  9. Do not eat while watching T.V or using any electronics.
  10. Do not fight or throw food at each other. This is so common among siblings.
  11. Do not comment on food with negative comments such as yuck! Yes, it’s a child’s mind more especially preschoolers but it’s not good behavior.

Bottom line, Some of these characters will pop up once in a while but keep on correcting. However, keep reminding and correcting children whenever they go wrong. 

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My name is Mary Ajambo, and I am a blogger at motherly heart. I am a mother. I love writing. I am here to make parenting an Interesting adventure for both mums and dads.

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