Colored hair for your daughter; Yah or Nah?

I walked into the mall with my three-year-old daughter who had purple braids. Mums turned to glance at me in disappointment, but I did not mind. The most amazing part was their children because they turned and screamed to them, “I want hair like that one! Please can I have it please?” These mums looked ashamed but for the kids, it was like the best thing they have ever seen. Both female and male teenagers loved the purple hair and complimented her in veneration.

Would you let your child make colored hair? 

According to some of the mums in Uganda, Kampala city, there is no big deal letting toddlers have colored hair regardless of gender. They revealed that they would only limit hairstyles for teenagers because it’s the right time to shape a child’s personality. When you are not careful with this stage you may end up spoiling your child. Meanwhile, some parents think teens are still children too and don’t mind what color of hair they do. They think their profession in the future will determine that.

Some of the mums said, that charity begins at home. When you teach your children to make hair mixed with colors, they will not learn to be decent when they are adults. They prefer their children to have black hair or shave it off to avoid admiring and making themselves a Christmas tree or more of ghetto kids which they do not like. Shaving off girls’ hair also cuts costs.

However much we must monitor and decide for our children, do we ever think of the impact of our decisions on the children? This is how colored hair makes wonders in children’s life.

Making colored hair for children makes them confident among their peers, including teenagers. A teenage girl narrated that she got several friends and more confidence when her mom let her make green hair. All girls in the hoods appreciated her hairstyle, color and wished their parents would let them too. 

Young children too know what is good for them and would hang around with a girl with the coolest hair.

Children feel beautiful and more proud of themselves. It’s by nature that women love beauty and feel proud of their looks. Do not ever think children are different from us, mums, they feel the beauty too and if making their hair red or blue makes them feel pretty why not?

Children having colored hair is a stage of development. Children have minds and desires too and there are some things that they have to do when growing. As one of the parents said, my daughter’s profession will determine her hairstyle. I do agree too! To some children, doing crazy hairstyles is the only thing that they need at that moment and if you do not let them, they will probably be under fixation.

To parents who love keeping their girls hair. Colored hair is encouraging and motivating and believe me, you will not have any problem convincing your child to go to the hairdresser. She will remind you herself.

The bottom line, hair is hair. It Comes and goes and as long you breathe, you will always have hair on your head. Therefore mums, do not go so hard on your children, sometimes making colored hair is the motivation that your daughter needs!

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