It is a parent’s contentment when their children start helping with housework. However, most parents do not know the right time to start training their children. Meanwhile, some parents prefer to let their children be children and hire maids to do all the house chores.

It is prime to teach your child to do house chores as young as two years. Do not wait until your children are teenagers before you start teaching them domestic work. Start with the minor tasks such as removing toys after playing, clearing the table after diner or lunch, and with time, it will be part of them. Your child’s participation in domestic work has a positive impact on their lives. 

Consider these as reasons why you should teach your child house chores.

Develops children’s principles, and work ethics: Each task given to a child at home comes with rules, instructions, and supervision. This experience is not different from the jobs that we do at our workplaces as adults. When you share house chores with children, they grow up knowing what-to-do, when, and how. In my own experience, I have seen my neighbor’s child tasked by the mother to wash dishes. She is only eight and as soon as she started, her best friend came asking her to play outside, her answer was No. I have things to do maybe later in the day. Such children grow up principled and ethical to resist all sorts of destructions in life and workplaces.

Gives children a sense of Responsibility: Children who help their parents with house chores gain the ability to control and take charge of circumstances. Such children grow into responsible teenagers and adults compared to children who spend their entire childhood playing and visiting fancy malls. 

House chores give children a chance to bond with their parents. Have you ever done something together with your mother or father as a child? It can be cleaning or cooking, believe me, it is a moment you wouldn’t forget. For working mums with a busy schedule, this may be your chance to talk to your teenager about anything. You get to spend a lot of time together, laugh and be free with one another as a family.

Teaches children time management: House chores teach children to do things on schedule. Children have different activities to do whether at school time or during the holiday. Each task given to them will encourage them to work on time so that they achieve the other activity of their interest. 

Acknowledgment and Respect: The simple tasks given to children make them feel appreciated and recognized in the family. Sometimes children feel left out more especially in big families where every task is even to the older ones, and their little efforts are not valued. Therefore allowing the young children to help around the home makes that feel good and appreciated. 

Entrepreneurial mindset: Teenagers more especially boys fix things that require parents to hire a professional. For-instance fixing pipes, slashing the compound, and so girls do the washing and cooking. When children are taught to do such work, they can work for other people for money.

Teamwork: Teamwork is a very important quality in every body’s life. As you share responsibilities with children, they learn to work together as a team. Communities do differ but in Uganda, washing dishes, rearing cattle, and cleaning the house are a few of the tasks that children can work on as a team

 All parents should consider working together with their children to accomplish the house chores. It is so important in the development of a growing millennium child. 

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My name is Mary Ajambo, and I am a blogger at motherly heart. I am a mother. I love writing. I am here to make parenting an Interesting adventure for both mums and dads.

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