Tips on how to stop breastfeeding without pain.

Breast milk is essential in the lives of our children, but at one time, you will have to stop breastfeeding. I know the majority of the Mums think of the day that they will stop breastfeeding their babies, but it is not easy. Home staying mums find it difficult to stop breastfeeding as compared to working mums.  This article outlines some of the safe ways to stop breastfeeding your baby.

Slow and steady wins here.  Stopping breastfeeding is a gradual process that requires your patience, therefore, go slow on the baby and yourself. The best way to go through this process is not denying the baby breast milk. Feed the baby well on supplementary foods and wait until when she feels like breastfeeding again by herself.

 Change your breastfeeding time:  Changing your breastfeeding routine will help the baby to adapt to the changes. Whether you are a working mum or home staying home, you can decide to breastfeed the baby twice a day for the start and later change to breastfeeding at night only. Once the baby gets used to this routine, it will be easy for you to stop breastfeeding suddenly.

Natural term weaning: Some children stop breastfeeding naturally without trying to put them off. Meanwhile, the world health organization recommends breastfeeding for up to two years.  Once the baby is older than six months, she may stop breastfeeding on her own. Meanwhile, when this happens to a baby younger than six months, you have to consult a doctor.

Talk to the child: Talk to the baby about stopping to breastfeed and why you would like them to stop. This method applies to toddlers that are two and a half years old and above.

Cuddle the baby: Breastfeeding creates a strong bond between the mother and child through eye contact. It also gives emotional support and comfort to the baby. Therefore, when stopping the baby from breastfeeding cuddle and comfort the baby by reading them a book, hugs, cuddle them with their dolls, and teddy bears.

Agree on the date to stop: Set a date for the baby to stop breastfeeding. Mothers’ breastfeeding toddlers and school-going children in kindergarten can agree to stop breastfeeding them on a specific day. For example, you can agree with your child not to breast after his birthday, Xmas day, or mother’s day.

Put black Sellotape on your breast: It sounds funny, but it works. Note that it works best for children below the age of two. The other trick you can play is drawing a cartoon on your breast.  I have seen mums do this, and babies push away the breast when trying to breastfeed them because it looks different from their usual food.

Breast milk is vital in the growth of every child, and when it’s the right time to stop breastfeeding, go slow on yourself and the baby.

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