Should schools be opened or Not?

It has been six months down the road since when schools were closed in Kenya due to COVID 19. All students across the country were recommended to study online to keep up with school work. The Ministry of Education talked about re-opening schools in September 2020 and later informed the public that schools will resume in January 2021. According to the Ministry of Health, the COVID 19 curve is flattening, and this leaves parents wondering if it is the right time for their children to get back to school.

Do you think the government of Kenya should open schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

We must put it on the back of our minds that education is: Important in the lives of our children, but their health is the most important of them all. Yes, schools may open, and children will be guided and advised to wear face masks, keep social distance, and wash their hands frequently. But to be sincere with one another, if you can send your child to school with books, pens, stocks that are used daily and come back home without any. How will they remember to wear a face mask? I imagine our children in kindergarten will even share their face masks when the teacher is not watching hence leading to the high spread of the virus.

Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has affected many parent’s livelihoods, and some of the parents can hardly eat two meals a day. When the schools open, will they be able to fund their children’s education? Perhaps the parents have utilized their funds on rent, food, and some relocated to rural areas, and it will be hard for them to take their children to school this year.

I think the government can open schools for students in candidate classes in primary, secondary, and finalities at University.
This is so because these students can at least understand what social distance is and can take good care of themselves. However, according to the government, the curve has not yet been flattened. So there are high chances of increasing the spread of coronavirus when schools are re-opened. We do not want to be like Korea, where schools were opened and later closed.

The health of our children is the most important thing that all parents should consider. In my own opinion, whether there was free funding for each student reporting to school today, we should wait until when the curve flattens before the schools reopen.

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