Why husbands should not intervene wife * house help arguments?

House helps are important people in our lives because they do things that we would spend a lot of time on. They keep our houses tidy, take care of our children when we are busy pursuing our careers, and other domestic work. Sometimes they become part of us that we start treating and considering them as family.

When hiring a domestic worker, put it at the back of your mind that you both come from different backgrounds and families. As human beings, you will at one point have misunderstandings and quarrels. These fights are often between women and maids because women oversee the family right from domestic work, children’s welfare, and food. In fact, in a family, a wife/mother is in charge of everything.

Should a husband intervene in a maid and wife fight? 

Technically, a husband should not involve himself in any misunderstanding between a wife, and the house girl unless it is a serious matter. This is the reason why men should never pick sides when a wife chooses to let go of a maid.

It is not a man’s responsibility to hire a maid. Women do the hiring, paying, and if she is not doing a good job, she has to leave and give space to another person. A husband should stick to his lean.

Husbands do not take care of the home. Women do the supervision of the house helps and make sure that everything is done well, and the children are well taken care of. When something does not go the right way, they have all the right to ask, find where the problem is, and solve it. Some house helps act like guardian angels before everybody, but something else when not watched.

You may be accused of having fare with your house help: Come on, we have all heard of husbands who cheat on their wives with maids. Picking up a maid’s side over your wife may make her question you. It may even lead to domestic violence.

However, if some of these things happen to the maid in your house, please do something.

When she is fired and thrown out of the house in the middle of the night. Do not sit and watch, go talk to your wife to let her spend a night and go the next day.

When your wife is firing her without payment. Please make sure you intervene and appreciate her time and work with salary.

When your maid is being abused emotionally, physically, or denied food. Please do not sit and watch people suffer under your roof.

When a maid is harassing your children, wife, or any of your family member. Make sure you report him/her and if possible to the Police.

In conclusion, maids are just like other employees who come and go. Some live with us in the same house, but do not expect flowers always. As a husband, you have to stick to your lean and intervene when you are needed.

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