10 things to do with kids while quarantined during Coronavirus pandemic

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Coronavirus pandemic has affected our daily life and the way we do things socially and economically. Staying at home is a way to avoid the spread of the disease, but it can be very boring and depressing. You and your children cannot sit at home all day long eating and sleeping. Here are some of the 10 things that you can do to be happy, safe, and busy.

Read a book: You can gather all your kids and read them an interesting storybook. Make funny faces where applicable, and gestures to make it more interesting and fun.

Play: There are a variety of games that are enjoyed by children and it’s not bad for adults to participate for fun. Play hide and seek in your house and back yard, pretend games are interesting for example, you can pretend to be a royal family with a king, queen, and princess. Imagine and do all the things that you think kings or queens do in their palace.

Sing and dance together: It does not matter what time it is in the day, it can be a lazy afternoon or lazy evening with the children. Sing and dance together on your favorite song, have a home concert, and let the children mime the songs as you cheer them up just like fans go crazy for their favorite artist.

Help children with their schoolwork: Schools are closed and some of the children are taking their classes online while others are not. If your children are not taking online classes, remind them to revise their books, and also supervise their revision.

Video call friends: It is good to keep up with friends and family. Help your children reach out to their friends, cousins, and close relatives through video chat on What’s App, Messenger, and Skype.

Film Tiktok: Join social media challenges and make your memories.

Bake a cake: Children love eating cakes and so adults but this time around the cake shops are closed. Bake a cake together with your children and if you don’t know how to bake, watch YouTube videos that teach cake baking.

Paint: Painting is a creative activity that helps people express emotions and feelings. Paint together with your children to express how to feel during these hard times. The paintings should not only focus on the quarantine and COVID 19 but also make the children happy.

Complete a puzzle: The more pieces of the puzzle the better because it helps you think. You don’t want to choose a puzzle that you can complete within two minutes with no fun at all.

Watch a movie: There are amazing family movies that can kick off your quarantine boredom. All you have to do is grab a warm blanket and buckets of popcorn.

With these 10 activities, Quarantine will be over before you even notice and life will be back to normal. Remember to always wash your hands frequently with soap and running water, wear face mask and keep social distance.

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